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Castell Abogados – Your Law Firm in Majorca

We respond to the needs of our clients, with a personalized treatment, work, dedication, effort and constant learning using the resources to obtain the best results and generate the lasting confidence of our clients. Our only goal: TO WIN.

Unlike other law firms, at Castell Abogados we offer you personalized attention. The lawyers of the firm are in permanent contact with clients, informing them of the latest developments in their case or procedure.

Trust, transparency and sincerity are the maxims of the firm. You can place full confidence in the law firm since your lawyers deal with the facts committed in all the cases dealt with with total normality.

The most important thing for us. We study and work thoroughly with a single objective; the best results for our customers. After analyzing the case thoroughly we explain to the clients all the possible options, this being the one that always has the last word.

FAQ – Frequent Questions


Is it necessary to contact with a Law Firm?

If you are reading these lines I suppose something related to the law has happened to you or you will have some legal doubt. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you as much as possible.

When do I get in touch with a law firm?

As soon as possible. When you have the slightest doubt or knowledge that you may be facing a legal problem immediately go to a lawyer, since it is very important to adopt a good strategy from the beginning.

How much will it cost me?

It depends on the case and the hours of work. In our office we provide a free estimate of fees as well as comfortable and flexible methods of payment without interest.

How do I get in touch with Carlos Castell?

Above, on the contact tab, you can see the ways to get in touch with the office. In addition to these routes, you can contact us through WhatsApp by saving your phone 684 450 450. We will be happy to assist you.


Send us a few lines at any time and someone from our team of professionals will respond as soon as possible.